“One Monte-Carlo” – Delivery on time !

The “One Monte Carlo” Condominium with hotel services should be delivered in February 2019. Already one third of the properties are pre-booked, i.e. already 48% of the surfaces available for rent. The most luxurious units are six “Triplex” apartments, four are already booked (!) with a monthly rent of approximately 200.000 € / month.

For the clients interested, we can access now a show flat in a few days.

Concerning the works, the initial budget seems respected with a 5% overspending rate only, they had to face many difficulties including problems with the glazed windows and lifts which were not complying with some regulations.

A brand new restaurant, the “Mada One”will be opened at the bottom of the office tower providing breakfast, lunch, teatime and afterwork drinks. A delivery service will be available.

(source: Monaco Matin – 27th of November, 2018)

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